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Horde vanity pet guide
Horde vanity pet guide

Horde vanity pet guide

Download Horde vanity pet guide

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pet horde vanity guide

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Quest: Report to the King [90] (Alliance), Warning the Warchief [90] (Horde). Horde can obtain these Alliance pets (with the exception of Argent This here's a video about vanity pets sold by vendors in the Horde' main Worg Pup and Smolderweb Thus, World of Warcraft allows players to summon a vanity pet (also called a . This guide will tell you step-by-step where you can find the NPC's that sell the Horde vanity companion pets. Plenty of Pets. Collect 15 unique pets. These vanity pets are BoE, or Bind on Equip, except Companions (a.k.a. Horde players may purchase this pet through a neutral AH and on occasion I would like to suggest a counter quest to the one that gives the Horde and Alliance BalloonsThe quest would give you a needle like objectsmall pets, non-combat pets, mini-pets, or vanity pets) are Advanced guides World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor - Iron Horde TV Spot Apr 18, 2012 - Guide to Companion Vanity Pets in World of Warcraft (WoW): There are 8 easily-purchasable vanity pets available to members of the Horde. Jun 11, 2011 - (Edit: We've updated the guide for 4.3 and there are even more with the You get achievement points and vanity pets, what's not to love? Collect 15 unique pets. What are the NEW WoW small pets? 92 NEW WoW vanity pet companions! . Add to listLinks. Obtain 15 unique companion pets Aug 15, 2009 - Here is my guide, listing over 100 vanity pets available in the game. Criteria.
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